Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hey Peeps,

I love this topic and i have a feeling it will be a three part series as there is so much to talk about regarding the matter.

This happens to a lot of us mostly the female gender, when you stop giving thought, time and effort to your appearance once you snag a guy, your thinking will be like why do I have to bother after all I am married so there’s no point been on point.

A lot of people have fallen victim to the pains this mindset can cause and come to think of it what were you expecting to happen? When you were single, you went all out to look your best, paid attention to your hair, nails and dressing now you think because you have gotten what you want you should just sit still and enjoy it without making an effort to keep it together???

I do not understand why we change once we walk down the aisle, it annoys me to see beautiful ladies that looked like Cinderella in their wedding dresses to turn into the ugly step sister all in the name of marriage, When the person you are married to met you, he /she saw something that attracted them to you; you need to find out what that attraction is and make a conscious effort to maintain and constantly improve on it even after the kids come and age sets in. the fact that you are married is not an automatic license for you to gain weight, become a couch potato or lose focus entirely in the beauty and health department (my dear that is when the real work begins).

As a single lady I loved my bum shorts, short dresses and high heel shoes that’s one of the eye catching things my husband noticed about me and he encouraged me in them even while I was pregnant I still rocked them very well. What annoys me mostly is when we as women start having kids, we now lose sight of caring for ourselves and concentrate fully on the baby and this happens without you knowing it, it just creeps in and all of a sudden you now look like Ugly Betty. 

I was almost sucked into that percentage of women but thank God for my husband and other strong women around me. I learned that when you are at this stage of your life the only people that can help you if you are willing to be helped are those people closest to you; note that most of them may not want to advise you because of the fear of how you will respond to criticism.

I love my job, the environment and the women (mothers with kids and still look on point at all times) I interact with on a daily basis, it’s a matter of shape up or you shape out…… see women that have been married for 10 years with kids and they look as hot as a model and you that just had your first child will have to do what it takes to get back in shape because you have role models to look up to and the beauty of it is that they encourage and give you tips.

My advice to you is surrounding yourself with great minds, beautiful women that have achieved more than what you have and learn from them, it makes your journey easier as you are a product of your environment. 

Be wise, stay focused, in shape and healthy.

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