Monday, 24 September 2012

I HATE LIES............

I hate lies especially when its told by someone you hold in very high esteem, I know that in some or most cases you need to tell a few white lies just to get by......cos hey we all do that. My concern majorly is when you lie about things that you know the concequences will be very grave when the truth eventually comes out.

This is going to be a feedback session, let me hear from you if you have been lied to by someone you trust so much and think always have your back no matter what.

How did you deal with it when you found out and how has the relationship been since then?


This is the hardest article I have ever written....the death of my dear friend and colleague Abdul Saliu.

He was indeed a great guy, humble, full of respect for the least person, dedicated and (words truly fail me). the day I recieved the news of his death is one day i dont ever want to remember, I cried my eyes out for 3 days in a row because I just kept remembering all the good stuff we did together and what a great guy he truly was, it is with death like this that you really want to question God why He will allow such a good man to go like that. All in all we are deeply consoled for the kind of life he lived here on earth, he's never one to hold on to petty things, he's truly happy when people around him are happy.

I walked in to the office this morning and looked into your office but you were not at your desk, (I will miss our usual greetings for lateness), I also kept on looking at the coffee area waiting for you to come for the usual morning coffee but you never did, hmmmm then it dawned on me that this is how it will be from hence forth.....Its a very sad reality that I do not want to wake up to. You have truly inspired me in so many ways, I have learnt so much from you especially on how to manage difficult people.

Abdul Saliu, I bless the day that I met you, you were indeed a rare gem and work will never ever be the same without you to liven up the atmosphere.

May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Adieu my dear friend till we meet again.