Monday, 11 February 2013


Hey peeps,
The season of love is upon us again, even though I don't see any reason why love should not be celebrated everyday of our lives......some people actually go off on how this date is supposed to be very special... blah blah blah.
Trust me I am a strong believer in love and very romantic but I dont expect you to show me love in just one day out of the 365 days in the year. This belef has been misconstrued by a lot of people and it is now the period where all sorts of attrocities happen, innocent girls lose their virginities all in the name of valentine's day......the devil has sold so many lies to people all in the name of valentines day.......a lot of ladies have also lost good relationships because of their belief in valentine.
Someone may have shown you all the love and attention you deserve but because he didnt buy you flowers for valentine all of a sudden he's not romantic......people show love in different ways and I am sorry to say that you cannot force someone to love you the way you want to be loved, if you cant live with the way they express love to you while dating there's no point marrying them and complaining tomorrow.
I reacently read an article in Myne Whitman's blog Dear Myne - I am Happily Married to an Igbo Man its a must read for all as it did further open my eyes to a few things on making the right choice and understanding what or who you are signing up for and learn to live with the decision you make.
Don't be deceived, love is truly what you make of it, don't be fooled with the drama that goes on in the world and enjoy your own relationship the way it is cos remember you signed up for it from the onset so make an effort to make it work and not complain.
If your spouse did not go out of his/her way to make this valentine special (according to your terms) don't go off on him/her, rather make an effort to improve on things..
Wishing you the very best.


Hmmmm this weight loss matter no easy o, I recently had a comprehensive medical checkup and I am 100% healthy (thank God for His grace) but I found out I need to lose 7kg as my BMI indicated that I am over-weight……phew (sad face). We all know I have embarked on my weight loss journey before now.
I decided to look for trouble and told my sweetheart that I am 7kg over-weight and he goes… you see what I was trying to tell you, now you believe because a doctor told you so. But my major concern now is that according to the doctor, I not only need to cut down o my food intake, I need to eat a healthy balanced meal and throw in some exercise as well. If you know me very well, the thought of exercise freaks me out even during my full medical checkup when I had to do the ECG and the guy asked me to go on the treadmill until he tells me to stop……the most embarrassing thing happened as I started panting like a cow after 2 minutes (disgraceful huh?).
With that in mind I decided I was going to take action and enroll myself in a gym where I will be monitored and supervised cos I would just continue deceiving myself if I decide to exercise at home, laziness may creep in plus the fact that I may not have the time or the courage to see it through.
Now I have to psych myself up mentally to make that happen, hmmm if only I can find an aerobics class as I love dancing so much that will definitely ginger my spirit, but what ever the case is, I need to start exercising soon.
I encourage you all to be conscious of your health by having a regular medical checkup, it doesn’t cost so much and I strongly recommend the Union Diagnostics Center on Ogabi Eletu street off Adeola Odeku VI, with as low as =N=40,000.00 you can get a comprehensive checkup and the guys there are wonderful too. (trust me I wasn’t paid for this but anytime I find some useful information I always share it)
Have a great week guys and I hope to sort out my gym palava sooner than later.


Hey peeps,

Hwz it going? I'm sure you are still reeling from the euphoria of the super eagles wining the African cup of nations tell you the truth I almost had a high blood pressure with all the drama on the pitch during the final minutes of the game. Thank God we came out strong at the end of it all…’s been nineteen years since we last won the cup and with all the foreign coaches and so much dollars that has been paid in the past…… took a Nigerian coach to bring us this far

I must confess during the group stages I totally gave up on the super eagles with all the matches they had drawn, I felt like we’re back to having to qualify based on calculations and permutations……….but I guess the god of soccer heard the cries of Coach Stephen Okechukwu Keshi (the only African that won the nations cup as a player and a coach).


This came at the right time I must tell you, after Eboue has gone off on twitter insulting Nigerians, I took it personal and really prayed for the super eagles and I’m sure a lot of you did too… guess who’s laughing last…….the super chickens hehehehehe.

All in all it was a good outing for us and Keshi can heave a sigh of relief that the local based team he set up has done us proud as a country and I apologize openly and publicly for ever doubting this dream team.

Now I feel sad for the likes of Osaze, Obafemi Martins and the rest of them that were not part of this success story, I wonder how they feel now cos I guess like me they didn’t have faith in Nigeria; but here we are today lifting the cup again its indeed a miracle.

Once again, I congratulate all Nigerians and I hope you popped something to celebrate even if it’s a bottle of energy drink ……wink……wink…

God bless you!

God bless the Super Eagles!!

God bless Nigeria!!!