Thursday, 4 July 2013

How Can You Tell?

Hey Peeps,

Hwz it going? It's been quite a while.......yeah I know.....phew.....been too busy with my paid job as my workload recently I'm just catching my breath......what has been happening with you guys?

My topic for today is actually a weird one but very important, as we truly and really need to know.....It's also not an easy topic to discuss as there are lots of opinions regarding it; hence the need foor you to draw your own conclusions from my thoughts, or you may have another angle to it....

Sometimes the thought still comes to me if I really and truly know the man I married, hold on……hehehehe ……..wait for it..……. I have often times heard people say they made the wrong choice and they want out. How do you really know if you made the right choice when you are so in love with the person while dating? After I read the story on the link below, it got me thinking in so many directions.

How and what causes a very good and healthy relationship to go bad? Is it a sudden 360 degrees change or has there been a gradual process leading to the change? How do you know the angel you are married to today won’t eventually become a monster in years to come? What causes these changes in people?
No answer came to mind as I pondered on these questions, I have also encountered a few people that say it is difficult making the right choice of a partner as you can never know the human mind completely; it’s now a game of chance and allowing the grace of God to guide you. 

I am of the opinion that your relationship can either make or mar you, hence the question arises; what do we feed into our relationships? Are we sowing the right thoughts, ideas and influences? What are the minor things that we take for granted that eventually turns out to be major for the other party we are involved with?
I have always had the notion that marriage is not for the weak and fickle minded people. You must have a thick skin to stay married……remember it’s about two very different individuals that have come together in the name of love, they live together, see and tolerate each person’s uniqueness and weakness, learn each person’s behavioral tendencies and make a conscious effort to live happily with it at all cost, having the ability to make something out of nothing by building a great life from nothing with a perfect stranger. If you have this understanding then and only then should you think of getting married……….if not you will wake up one day with the idea of killing the stranger on your bed. 

Marriage takes commitment, trust, listening ability (because you need to truly listen for the other party to rant and rave and have that satisfaction of been heard). It takes the same energy to fall in and out of love…….when you do fall in love, how do you stay in love? Trust me what works for couple A may not work for couple B; my advice is find your own formula and stick to it at all cost. 

However I would appreciate feedback or more insight into this matter......feel free to leave your comments.

Thanks and enjoy your day.

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