Thursday, 21 March 2013


hey peeps,

howz it going? trust you have all been good. we thank God for the gift of life, good health and sound mind. I celebrated my birthday last week and my son turned one two weeks ago......(time to start working on baby no.2....hehehehehe). anyways it was all a great week of celebrations, that will be gist for another day.

Today I want to talk about caring for our parents, because most of us do not have wealthy parents, that still have more than enough to live on, especially if the are now retired....this thot came to me when I over heard a friend of mine complain that anytime the mum calls him its to ask for money.....his comment shoked me to the bones and i sat him down to have a heart to heart.

My parents are both retired, my dad is 76years and my mum is 68years old, my mum was forced into retirement when the Tejuosho market was overtaken by the current builders and my dada retired from coca-cola when I was still in secondary school.......but thank God they built a house and shops together so there was no need to ever raise money for rent. together they both have 6 children and all are actively involved in caring for them now that they nolonger make money....

Someone is responsible for their medicals, another for feeding, another for monthly allowances, another for dstv and gas bills, another for general upkeep, then another is mandated to check-in on them at least once in 2 weeks. I believe it was because of the way we were raised, we didnt have much growing up but we always stick together no matter what.

After my discussion with my friend he said why would they do that; that his dad wasn't responsible for his education (cos he never had money to pay for it) that he got to where he is now by working his butt off and paying his fees, I reminded him that his parents tried their best to put food on the table and shelter over his head while growing up and most importantly they always prayed for him and that on its own is enough sacrifice because they gave him all they was difficult to convince him though but i pray he takes my advice and do the needful.

I also want to reach out to all the people like me that didnt have much growing up and have made something out of nothing, its time for you to reach out to your parents and care for them, be the example you want your kids to see cos someday soon you will be in their shoes and expect your kids to do care for you. stop seeing your aged parents as burdens that you have to bare, but rather see them as an extension of you that need care and attention.

Another friend of mine was frustrated to the point of looking to put her mum in an old people's home.....i was in shock when she asked if i knew any in Lagos.....I asked why in God's green earth would you want to put your mum in an old peoples home in Nigeria; that will be sending her to an early grave......and she goes..... you dont know my mum she is so difficult that no one can stand her.....and i responded that the cause of her attitude is age,  you know the older they get, the more paranoid they become; cos i remembered sometime my mum was acting all weird and we all were complaining at a point and later understood what the issue was, and now we are all used to it.......she said they have tried all they could, gotten a nurse, and elderly help e.t.c but she frustrates them all into leaving.......I told her what my mum usually says "I dont want your money all I want is your love, attention and relationship". I dont know what she finally decided on cos I felt i was prying into her private life.

So my friends please let us take a cue from my mum's comment and try to build or mend our relationships with our parents, show them love and attention, be patient with them and kind to them because they did all they could afford for you, take for instance how much you love your own child and don't want any harm to come to them........yeah that's the same way they feel about you. Its strange but the fact is i call my mum everyday.......yeah i do, and if i don't she does. Let us change our ways and make life better and easy for them.

Cheers guys and have a fabulous day.

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