Wednesday, 1 February 2012

THE JOURNEY (Written May 2010)

Hey Peeps,

Welcome to my blog and I hope you will pop in everyday if its not too much to ask of you....
I created this blog as an avenue for me to let out all the steam in my life, and the perfect caption is what you see as the title, hmmm in this my very young life I have seen and experienced so much as regards relationships that I now feel like a life coach (phew......story for another day).

What broke the camels back was what happened earlier in the year, hmmm my people I went through a major shake that I still do not know how I survived it (will publish the story soon); I could not even cry because my heart, mind and body have become shock proof to the extent that I kept on asking myself, why I'm I not crying or why haven't I sunk into depression? that was when I knew how strong I have become as a woman.....and dare I say I am mighty proud of myself...

Recently I was having lunch at Southern Sun with my very close friend and the topic for discussion as always was my relationship or the lack of one, jokingly she said that in my search for a life partner I have gathered enough experiences along the way to make a movie out of it and i thought why do a movie when i can write a book (and it will surely be a best seller).........a light just went off in my head and I asked myself why the thought of writing a book havent crossed my mind yet and this got me thinking seriously, we sat down together and started brainstorming for a title of the book and we made a list of every guy that have passed through my life in the name of a boy friend/potential hubby.........and we settled on "The Journey" as the title of the book (nice one huh?).

I have started putting a few notes together and I hope to be done before the end of 2013. But as time goes on I will be dropping a few hints as to how the journey began from when I had my very first boyfriend (at the age of 29, yeah I had a very sheltered life and that's story for another day).

We are in for a long and interesting ride so brace yourself, all you need do is just stick to this blog and I promise you there will never be a dull moment (wink wink) so let The Journey begin......................

Cheers guys and do have a fab day........


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