Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello Peeps,

Been a while I wrote on this blog, actually its since I wrote the tribute to my late friend and colleague Abdul Saliu (may his soul rest in perfect peace).

My thought this morning is on the way forward on raising our children in these times. I was in City of David yesterday (family sunday) and Pastor Praise Fowowe further opened our eyes to the dangers our children are exposed to on a daily basis.

He said something that really got me thinking, he said most parents are raising 21st century children with 18th century knowledge, how can this work??? As our children are constantly been exposed to internet and google is at the click of a button. We no longer have control of the information they access.

1 out of every 6 boys and girls under the age of 6 has been sexually abused, and this abuse is not by strangers because parents have succeeded in teaching these children not to talk to strangers, but what have we taught them about family members, house helps and other friends that are predators?

Most parents think its too young to start talking to the kids about their bodies and sex, but from the age of 18 months, most kids are already exposed to so many negative things that you will actually be doing yourself a favor in giving them this information before the world now interprets these information negatively to them.

Who do your kids call Aunties and Uncles, how often are your kids exposed to the drivers, house helps, laundry guys and other domestic staff? Who lives in your house? Who do you leave your kids with? Do you know the kind of company they keep in school? Do you have enough time to generally listen to your children because most parents are too busy that they leave the schools and helps to raise their children.

Our schools are now business centers that they have lost the real values and morals, they allow any and everything all in the name of making money. Kids hardly play out doors like we did when we were growing up, their play mates is now the internet and cartoons on cable TV. Most of these cartoon promote same sex relationships and other negative things that we need to protect our kids from.

I implore us as parents to be more sensitive and mindful of our wards, pay attention to our kids, be available each time they need us, as it is our responsibility and our primary assigment and priority should be them.

If you have any comments or contributions on this topic, let's share to enlighten people, mostly let's pray that our kids will constantly be in good hands at all time.

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