Friday, 6 July 2012


In this day and age I wonder how most people survive with the cost of living in Lagos. How have we been able to make life worth living and having the basic necessities of life?
Now I am beginning to understand that for you to succeed in this part of town you must have the right partnership either in marriage or in business.
Rent in Lagos is not cheap at all, in most cases your one month salary can’t even pay your rent for one year (it has always been my mindset that 1 month salary should pay 1 year rent) and you are yet to add feeding, clothing, transportation, diesel/fuel for the generator (as there is never power from phcn), toll charges (for those of us in the Lekki area), fuel subsidy, school fees e.t.c.
You ask yourself how will a single parent with 3 children survive, or how will a bachelor or spinster survive with all this bills hanging around their neck? And we all want to live a decent life in a good upscale neighborhood, so our kids can mix with the right kind of people.
This is the major reason why a man will definitely want to marry a successful woman (a proper helpmeet) because he cannot pay the bills alone; he needs support to be able to survive living in Lagos, since we are not as lucky as our foreign counterparts that work 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet, here 1 job takes your whole day and at the end of it all the end does not justify the means..
I understand that most people have hit the jackpot and don’t seem to be fazed or have no clue about what I am talking about, this topic is not for you; I am talking about those in the middle and low class.
Most of us went to public schools in our growing up days but we can’t even send our kids to public schools now because the standard of public education in Nigeria has fallen to zero%.
Nothing seem to work anymore, you need to develop a thick skin to live in this times, and we are the bravest people I know on planet earth cos no matter what we go through, we still keep a good attitude and always hope on things to turn around even if it takes years.
Family vacation is now a luxury that so many cannot even think about, but we believe that one day we will definitely take that trip. Our faith and Hope is all we have to help us through all the tough times, so let’s keep them ALIVE for someday soon there will be a manifestation.
Keep the peace and stay on top.  

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