Monday, 21 January 2013


Heys Peeps,

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend like I did?

I felt like we needed a follow up from my last post because as it is we need some pointers on how to stay focused on the plan.

First you need weight loss boddies: You need to identify someone that you will both be accountable to each other, this will definitely keep you in check and remove any idea of cheating or decieving yourself all in the name of dieting.

Watch what you eat: A lot of our meals here is all about carbohydrates and fried food, as its mostly rice and eba all week long with no protein at all. We seriously need to cut down on our oil and cabs intake and stop frying the chicken, plantain and everything before eating.

Think Healthy: While eating, its important to think of the health impact of what we eat, instead of that whole bowl of rice, just eat more of vegetables and les of rice with boiled or grilled chicken and not fried. I recently discovered the ugu leaf and I eat it with every meal I eat, I have drastically reduced my oil intake, I stoped frying my meat, I no longer add oil to my beans and I eat beans 5 times a week instead of once as I did before. I eat more of crackers for breakfast as I have cut out bread completely (dont be decieved by wheat bread).

Water: Yeah water is very essential, drink lots of it and avoid all kinds of carbonated and sugar drinks.

Fruits: My sincere advise is to avaoid fruits as most of them are too sweet and not advisable for weight loss.

More tips coming your way as we progress, cheers and have a fabulous day.

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