Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hey Peeps,

How are you all doing, its been very busy at my end with going back to work and school after the holidays, but we're all settled in now and its definitely looking like its going to be a very good year with all that's been happening.

diving into our topic for today, its a very painful topic to discuss though, cos I have been struggling to go back to been a size 10 since i now conveniently fit into a size 12 dress after the birth of my son. Its been an on going battle for me as I still eat every and any thing that comes my way and I blame it on the fact that I am currently still nursing my son.

my wake up call was when my sweetheart told me one evening that I need to join a gym, I did a double take but didnt take offence I simply asked him, honey why do you think I need to join a gym? He answered and said we all need to keep fit thats why the gym is there for us to use, my response to him was sweetie if we all have to keep fit, why are you not joining the gym or are you trying to tell me that I'm fat (I was trying very hard to hold myself from rolling over with laughter) he said hmmm I didnt say that o, I just felt we all need to stay fit and healthy......

Well point taken even though he didnt want to come out clearly and say "yes you are letting yourself turn into a mama" but I took that as a warning bell and decided to do something about my weight even though I hated excercise. I went online to do a search and I stumbled onto at how she was able to loose so much weight in 7 months.

I was encouraged to do the same, I started from my diet because 80% of your weight comes from what you eat, first I banned banga soup in my house, I started eating more of vegetables and basically watching what I eat, its not been easy but I have survived week 1 of the plan though I havent noticed any changes yet, I know it will all work out if I am consistent with the program.

You are welcome to share your tips on how you lost the baby fat and what the turning point for you was.

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