Friday, 6 July 2012


Hello peeps,

I'm glad to be back, been away on maternity leave......(big wide grin on my face now). My last post was on the 5th of March and my bundle of joy arrived on the 7th, God has indeed been faithful and awesome in my life.....

Hmmmm my topic says "The Life of a Career Mum". It is indeed amazing how your life make a 360 degree turn once there is a baby in the picture, because all of a sudden you are no longer thinking about you and your spouse alone, there is a very small human that suddenly demands a 110% of your time and attention.

In some cases if you are not careful, you tend to ask yourself how you arrived at this phase without been prepared. Trust me nothing prepared me for this and I have always been actively involved in the lives of my nieces and nephews but this is a whole new ball game cos its mine 100% so I cant take a break for a second.

During my maternity leave, thanks to my mum (God bless her plenty) I matured and learned very fast, I am more patient and always think about the concequences of any action before I carry it out.  In the last weeks of my leave, it was very difficult to comprehend the idea of leaving my 3 months old baby to go back to did give me sleepless nights because i was faced with either hiring an elderly live-In Nanny to care for him or drop him off at a Creche every morning on my way to work.

It was indeed a tough decision cos i had to sample opinions of working mum's too that have had to make such decisions in the past and majority of them did the Creche drop off and are satisfied with the idea.

My major concern is that as i was growing up, my mum was always there cos she ran her own business and always takes me along as a baby to wherevere she was going for her meetings or appointment, but in my day I cant even take my son to work becos my company does not have a Creche I am faced with the option of leaving my son to COMPLETE strangers for the long hours I'll be at work.

I have actually decided to make peace with the idea and trust God more to protect my son and surround him with loving, patient and generous people.

I know there are other mums out there that feel the same way, let's share our experiences and learn one or two things from each other.

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