Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Hmmmmm PHCN or NEPA as we used to know it is at it again o.

I live in Igbo-Efon area of Lekki, Lagos and for the past 2 weeks we have not seen NEPA lite blink for a second.

We have been speculating on what the cause of the power outage is, so i decided to call a friend that works with PHCN VI, to help me find out what the problem is, since everyone is acting as if its a normal occurence.

I can't even think of how much we have spent in the past weeks running the generator cos I have food (soups and stew) in my freezer that i cannot afford to see them go bad. Another thing is, I must have the tv and at least fan on when I'm at home which is every evening and weekends. Now you have a rough estimate of how much I have spent generating my own power.

My PHCN friend finally called me back that I should brace myself for a long wait cos the under ground cable that supplies power to our end is bad, and that our Atgungi PHCN district have contacted the head quaters cos its not what they can do by themself.

It felt like someone just gave me a huge blow in my mid section, cos this to me seems like its going to be a long wait (and waste of hard earned money on generating my own power). When and how long will it take the head quarters to solve this problem? when do we expect to have power back? Are we in the priority list and what number are we on in the priority list if we are in it? so many questions keep goin back and forth in my head. The cost of living keeps increasing on a daily basis, but our income does not increase on a daily basis.... people are been fired from their jobs daily, some poeple are taking a pay cut just to keep their jobs, now we have this huge bill in front of us: we pay rent annually (this happens only in Nigeria) cos every other place I have been to; rent is paid monthly, pay kids school fees, buy food and suplies that are not cheap, generate your own power, buy cloths, pay medical bills, things just keeps cropping up.

With all this happening to you, you're expected to still keep a good attitude, smile and wave at everyone as if nothing is going on........damn...... Nigerians are the most resilient people I have ever seen or met cos trust me if our conterparts in the US & UK go through 20% of what we see as normal life, they will all commit suicide.......most times I just think to myself that God has indeed been gracious to us as Nigerians, we have developed thick skins cos all we do is just complain about it for a while and then move on (what's next?).

I have a strong believe that some day soon, all this will be a thing of the past.......If not for the Lord who has been on our side...............(complete the statement)

Cheers guys and have a good day.

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