Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Hey Peeps,

How are you all doing and trust you had a fabulous weekend.....This weekend for me was quite slow as I was recorvering from the flu....yeah I got bitten by the flu bug during the week and had to go into the hospital for 3 whole days, scary right? especially when I was told I could not have my 8 months old son that I still nurse through the night stay with me in the hospital.

Anyways I'm thankful I'm out and reunited with my family again (huge smiley face).

The season is upon us again, yeah its that time of the year again when people are generally happy and have so much to be thankful for. As for me, I have tooooo much to be thankful for in 2012. God has indeed been too faithful to me and my household that if i start testifying now it will take ages for me to finish what He did in this 2012 alone.

My God is indeed a God of signs and wonders, He healed, delivered, uplifted, improved, increased, elevated, promoted, satisfied, provided, protected, strengthened, transformed........gosh i can go on and on and on.......that's how great my God is, I dont know about you though but I am truly happy and blessed for 2012 had its challenges and it eventually came with mighty blessings.

I just want to encourage you today, you may think He has not fulfilled all the promises He made to you this year but look around you for a minute and see that He has been very good in so many areas, He kept you alife (so many people passed on this year and I lost a dear friend) but you are still here; that on its own is enough testimony, you are healthy, no matter how hard its been, you still manage to find food to eat and you have shelter over your head (lots of people live under the bridge and have no food to eat or clean water to drink).

Its time to quit whining and be thankful for the little thigns we have. By the way the year has not ended, so there is still room for more blessings to happen.

Be cheerful this season, show love to the people around you, share your food and drink, you never know, you might just minister to an Angel.

God bless you and do have a very merry Christmas celebration and remember that Jesus is the only reason for the season (do what He will do if you were Him).


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