Monday, 11 February 2013


Hmmmm this weight loss matter no easy o, I recently had a comprehensive medical checkup and I am 100% healthy (thank God for His grace) but I found out I need to lose 7kg as my BMI indicated that I am over-weight……phew (sad face). We all know I have embarked on my weight loss journey before now.
I decided to look for trouble and told my sweetheart that I am 7kg over-weight and he goes… you see what I was trying to tell you, now you believe because a doctor told you so. But my major concern now is that according to the doctor, I not only need to cut down o my food intake, I need to eat a healthy balanced meal and throw in some exercise as well. If you know me very well, the thought of exercise freaks me out even during my full medical checkup when I had to do the ECG and the guy asked me to go on the treadmill until he tells me to stop……the most embarrassing thing happened as I started panting like a cow after 2 minutes (disgraceful huh?).
With that in mind I decided I was going to take action and enroll myself in a gym where I will be monitored and supervised cos I would just continue deceiving myself if I decide to exercise at home, laziness may creep in plus the fact that I may not have the time or the courage to see it through.
Now I have to psych myself up mentally to make that happen, hmmm if only I can find an aerobics class as I love dancing so much that will definitely ginger my spirit, but what ever the case is, I need to start exercising soon.
I encourage you all to be conscious of your health by having a regular medical checkup, it doesn’t cost so much and I strongly recommend the Union Diagnostics Center on Ogabi Eletu street off Adeola Odeku VI, with as low as =N=40,000.00 you can get a comprehensive checkup and the guys there are wonderful too. (trust me I wasn’t paid for this but anytime I find some useful information I always share it)
Have a great week guys and I hope to sort out my gym palava sooner than later.

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