Wednesday, 11 July 2012


             Four years ago I read this very interesting book “HADESSA” by Tommy Teeny; the book is about the life of Esther, and how she attained her position in the kings palace, it is a very educative and eye opening story that will change the way we think and act towards the king (GOD) of our lives.
           This article is about the life of Esther, how she lived her life to the fullest and attained a favored position in another land that was not the place of her birth. It shows how much staying power she had despite the trauma she went through at a very tender age when she witnessed the massacre of her entire family, yet she did not hate God forever, she became a force to be reckoned with, she made a positive impact in the lives of many and she also liberated her people from the bondage they had lived with in a foreign land.
           She did not just get to the top by luck, chance or random selection, but because she listened and sought after the most important thing which was to know the heart of the king and also to do whatever will please him, which was not what every other maiden that was chosen for the exercise came for, some came because of the fame it will bring to them and their family, some came for the gifts and wealth they will enjoy for that period, some came just to see and know how it feels to live in the lap of luxury, some came because they thought they had what it took to become the next queen. They all came for what they could get (splendor of the kingdom) out the kingdom and not what they could bring to the king.

          Remember when the bounty room was opened for the maidens to take what they will wear to appear before the king, they were all rushing to pick out the best and heaviest jewelry and clothing, because they knew they get to keep all the things they picked from the bounty room after their night with the king, they were all so selfish and self – centered that they did not even think it right to bring the king a gift except for Esther, who knew that it was a taboo for you to come before the king empty handed, she knew that the night would not be all about her but about bringing praises to the king.

When it was Esther’s turn to meet with the king, she knelt before him and gave him the gift she had picked out, king was very impressed and he remembered her for that single act of thinking to bring the king a gift (even though the gift was of no financial worth to the king), all the other ladies that had gone before her went in empty handed and expecting to come out with something tangible.

          We all seem to have lost sight of the most important things, we have truly lost our sense of purpose and service, we have gradually become spiritual gold diggers, and we feel God has put us in a spot to mock us when things don’t follow the path we want them to. We no longer seek the heart of the king, rather we chase after the splendor of his kingdom forgetting the basic truth that once you are the heir of a king, everything he owns becomes yours automatically when you seek to please him. We forget that doing the kings will for just one minute can give us the favor to enjoy a life time of splendor (Selah).
           How do we obtain favor from the king? You can only have the kings unmerited favor through real, total and complete worship of the king, the bible says that GOD (king) inhabits the praises of his people, we all know that our GOD is a very jealous God, so he does not find it funny at all when you ignore him to chase after trivial things that can be yours if you know how to get to his heart which is always through real worship.

         In verse 15 of Esther 4, we saw that Esther refused to have anything except what hagai advised her to have, we all know who hagai is, he has been with the king for a very long time, so he understands and knows what will please (get the attention of) the king, which is what Esther sought after, to please the king. Esther refused everything out of the abundance of what was put before her and only desired to do that which will please the king, how many of us can truthfully do that without our greediness for the splendor of the kingdom getting in the way? But Esther did without compromise that was why she attained such goals in life.

          You will find favor with the king when you sincerely seek to please him and do his will, you will also be the first to hear every decision he is about to make for you and for others, just one night with the king can change the entire course of your life, your destiny will be re-written to have a positive impact in your generation and in time to come.

          There was so many ladies that came for the same interview/process that Esther came for, they all had chaperons like she did, but at the end of the whole exercise Esther, was chosen not because she was beautiful or had the right connections, she was chosen because she had a passion for the kingdom and she solely desired to please the king, she followed her chaperons (hagai) instructions to the letter, and because she (Esther) believed that hagai already knows the heart of the king and how to get to it.

          Success is not measured by potential but by how much passion you have for the potential, as long as you are passionate about the things that concerns the king, no matter who hates you, the king will forever love you. For a moment, just forget about the splendor of the kingdom and chase after the heart of the king because that is where the resources you need to attain your God ordained destiny lies.

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